Semi auto cake depositor with rotation table
1.Automatic operation of stored program, so that different batches of food can obtaion consistent baking effect, save time and manpower, and avoide human operation errors.
Layer cake spreader/birthday cake spreader

Xunlian Thousand Layer Cake Spreading Machine has become an equipment worth investing in due to its outstanding technical advantages. For enterprises, it can greatly improve the production process and improve product quality. 1. The core competitive machine, Xunlian Intelligent Thousand Crepe Cake Spreading Machine adopts an innovative self-developed patented technology rotor pump to achieve stable and uniform feeding. It also has excellent weight accuracy and low weight feeding capabilities, with a minimum Can control 7g of cream. 2. The machine is easy to adjust and easy to clean. Operators can easily make equipment adjustments to ensure the stability and consistency of the production process, and the cleaning process is very convenient, saving time and energy. 3. The applicator has excellent efficiency. The coordinated action of the full servo motor and the cylinder enables rapid application. Judging from the case data, approximately 1,200-1,500 6-inch 9-layer durian layer cakes can be produced within 10 hours. 4. The equipment has a low failure rate, strong stability, and fine process details, making the production process more reliable and sustainable, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. 5. In terms of material selection, the durian layer cake spreading machine is made of 304 material, which provides higher durability and hygiene standards than the basic 201 material used by its peers. Moreover, imported electrical accessories also ensure the reliability and stability of the equipment, surpassing the domestic accessories used by peers. 6. It is particularly worth mentioning that the equipment is designed with a specially treated feed nozzle to effectively prevent the leakage of the feed liquid and avoid affecting the aesthetics of the product and the customer's perception.

taro paste and cream spreading

one full set filling nozzle for birthady cake top and side decoration.

customized the size depend your need.

SUS304 material, easy to change

Double hopper for two material use for top icing .

such as

1 for cream, stiff cream also.

2 for jam, chocolate, durian   meat paste, taro paste

3.customized   for 4"(10cm) to 12"(30cm) cake, we provide 2 size

4.we also can provide for top and side decoration. in this case ,we provide 1 set nozzle.

(then we need to know our cake height)

before order,

we want to know if your mille crepe cake have cake pape base.